These are just a handful of the issues I consider to be most pressing for our district. While the Colorado General Assembly works on behalf of all Coloradans, I want to ensure that the district’s needs and interests are well represented. Should you have any questions on where I stand on an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Elementary and Secondary Education

Pre-K-12 education must remain a top priority for our state. Teacher preparation, training, and pay, as well as student access to individualized education plans when needed, are many of the issues to which I’m attuned. I’ll work with all stakeholders involved, including the boards of Aurora Public Schools and the Cherry Creek School District to ensure our students’ and teachers’ needs are met.

Health care

I believe in providing access to health care to those who struggle to find or cannot afford to purchase insurance. Everyone who works should also have the right to paid sick days and the option to take paid leave for medical or parental reasons. The prices of some prescription drugs are out of control, and people should not have to ration these medications or risk death simply to survive. We still find ourselves in the midst of a serious opioid crisis, and I believe in increasing access to treatment. Access to better mental health care options must also be a priority.


If we take care of the land and our bodies of water, they will take care of us. I've seen firsthand the deleterious effects of pollution and climate change and I support government action to curtail the harm done and to work toward sensible opportunities for clean energy production that benefit our environment, and when possible, our economy.

public safety

We have seen the devastating losses and harmful societal impact from mass shootings and gun violence time and time again. I was raised in a family of hunters, but I am decidedly firm in my stance on responsible gun safety and ownership. I believe background checks are absolutely necessary, that assault rifles do not belong in the hands of ordinary civilians, and I support the ERPO "red flag" bill that passed out of the Colorado General Assembly in 2019.



We all love Colorado and the quality of life afforded here, but we’re no strangers to the day-to-day difficulties some folks have in meeting their housing needs. As the Denver Metro area continues to grow, Aurora is feeling the pinch, too. As a homeowner in Aurora, I’m incredibly lucky to have my housing needs met, but I also believe in protections and programs for tenants at risk of eviction and homeowners at risk of foreclosure. We should all have the right to housing security, even when unforeseen challenges are hurled our way.


Everyone needs to get from their A to B daily, and they deserve to do so safely and quickly. We need major reinvestments in our roads and crumbling infrastructure, and there is also much room for improvement in public transit options. I would look forward to working with other lawmakers, CDOT, and RTD in improving infrastructure and options.

Higher Education and Vocational Training

As a professor, I believe our homegrown students should have primary access to our state colleges and universities. Colorado is fortunate to have so many institutions that provide a wide range of educational possibilities, including technical and trade schools, as well as an array of community college options that can be better leveraged. We must also tackle the student debt crisis as it is a serious threat to this and future generations’ well being.

Civil Rights and Criminal Justice

Colorado has the ability to be a leader in social equity, inclusion, and diversity. We are a state where all people should be able to thrive regardless of their identities and beliefs; but when that ability is threatened, we as a community must push for greater acceptance. We must also reform punitive measures in our criminal justice system. We must invest more in rehabilitation and re-entry programs, steer away from punitive measures that create further inequity, and focus on more serious criminal activity.